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rooney mara-someday i hope i’m as brave as her.

rooney mara-someday i hope i’m as brave as her.

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beautifully done, and as always, overly dramatic..lars von trier and his vision of the end of the world.  one of the films i just wish would come to salt lake already. jesus

three years

oh my

"This must-see video condenses the International Space Station’s night flight over Earth into 60 seconds, courtesy of science educator James Drake. He downloaded a series of 600 pictures from the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth — a voluminous archive of a half-century’s worth of imagery from the space station and NASA’s manned spacecraft. Then he assembled them into the clip you see here using VirtualDub software.

The flight to the sunrise begins over the Pacific Ocean and zooms at an altitude of about 220 miles (350 kilometers) past Vancouver Island and Victoria, the Pacific Northwest and the American Southwest, Texas and Mexico, Central and South America. The highlights to watch for include constellations of city lights, lightning flashes in the clouds, the stars whirling in the night sky above, the faint brown-yellow atmospheric airglow that rims the eastern horizon, and the glorious dawn at the end.”

new york fashion week!!

Nanette Lapore

it’s all going to be about color…seriously!! so much of it!

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new york fashion week!!

Thakoon 2012

always something interesting.  so much color! the bold prints are amazing especially on the mini dresses..

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new york fashion week!!

philip lim 2012

love the slouchiness

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Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, June 26, 1953

walking upstream

a use for fallen branches

when a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?